Give the GIFT of Health this Season!! Melt away Pain, Stress and Anxiety while Boosting Immunity, Sleep and Metabolism with Zenergy!

How Zenergy Works

The natural 100% genuine Chakra Gemstones in the Zenergy Healing Mat act as superconductors to convert the heat energy into healing Far Infrared rays (FIR) while balancing the energy centers of the Chakras.

These Far Infrared rays are magnified and refracted by special layers of charcoal, aluminum film, negative ion layer and the thick layer of natural Chakra Gemstones (including amethyst and black tourmaline), and Bian stone that allow them to go deeper with better efficiency and absorbable bio-resonant wavelength of 4 to 16 microns.

Heating the Chakra Gemstones in your Zenergy Healing Mat naturally releases Far infrared rays and Negative ions for regeneration at the cellular level.

Bian stones create an ultrasound frequency 2-2000 kHz for therapeutic benefits when heated.

Photon Red Lights contribute to skin regeneration, melatonin production, decreased inflammation.

Benefits include: Reduces back and joint pain muscle soreness; stress and inflammation.  Boosts your immunity and ignites your metabolism for detox and weight loss. Lowers chronic fatigue; improves sleep and relaxation while balancing your chakra energy centers.

These healing benefits result from increased circulation of blood and lymph, decreased inflammation and removal of the oxidative stress of free radicals that improve your overall health and well-being on a deep cellular level that results in Blissful Rejuvenation!



Far Infrared Heat (FIR) is the most life-giving and energizing radiant heat from the sun. The word "infra" means deep.

This type of heat penetrates deep, 2-3 inches, into the innermost tissues, muscles and bones affecting the body at the cellular level thus improving circulation, immunity, metabolism and cell regeneration.

Infrared rays are absorbed by the body in the form of heat without heating the surrounding air. It is effective in removing toxins and impurities built up from daily life.

Far Infrared Heat transfers the mineral content of each crystal deep into your muscles, connective tissue, internal organs and even your bones.

The vibrational energy activates your mitochondria (the engine powerhouse of the cell) speeding up your cell metabolism for healing and regeneration.  




Red Photon light therapy is a UV-free short wavelength of light at 660 nm that promotes tissue healing, melatonin production and skin regeneration.

This may benefit many skin conditions, joint pain, sleep and muscle recovery. 

Also, a successful remedy for cellulite, scar tissue, and wrinkles.  They have been found to decrease in appearance most effectively with direct skin contact.