Give the GIFT of Health this Season!! Melt away Pain, Stress and Anxiety while Boosting Immunity, Sleep and Metabolism with Zenergy!



Zenergy Healing Co is a physical therapist-owned company with a passion for helping people heal and achieve optimal health of mind, body and spirit.

We are proud to introduce our Integrative Therapeutic Product line that combines the wisdom of Western and Eastern medicine for use in the comfort of your home.


Our Mission is True Rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit for optimal health and wellness.

We are passionate about bringing more Zen and Energy into your daily life with ZENERGY... true rejuvenation on a deep cellular level for Pain Relief, Relaxation, Immunity and Vitality.

We want this to be an invaluable investment for your health and wellness.


The Zenergy Healing Mat optimizes cell regeneration on a deep cellular level with Five Healing Modalities integrated into One Exclusive Product.

These modalities include: Far Infrared Heat, Photon Red Light, Negative Ions, Chakra Gemstone, and Bian Hot Stone.

These Five Healing Modalities are combined to create superior healing benefits that penetrate deep into your tissues for a Blissful Therapeutic experience to Relax your mind, Rejuvenate your body and Revive your spirit.

Used by Healthcare professionals and loved by their clients for the wealth of healing benefits they receive.

The Zenergy Healing Mat provides a deep healing session by alleviating back and joint pain; reducing muscle soreness and spasms; minimizes symptoms of chronic illnesses and relieves stress.

Additional benefits include elevation of mood, enhanced sleep, boosts immunity, speeds recovery, increases circulation for detox, metabolism and weight loss. It is a must have tool for optimal health and rehabilitation.