Frequently Asked Questions

The Zenergy Mat uses highest industry standard double isolation wiring that blocks EMF. This is placed between two layers of copper EMF-filtering material so there is Zero (.002) exposure. Use of the mat is very beneficial.

The chair mat comes with bend in mat for use in chairs, car, sofa etc. The mats come with pre-determined bends for folding in thirds for storage in deluxe carrying bag. Recommend use of mat on flat surface such as floor, bed, massage table, sofa.

You may use the mat for any length of time. Follow temperature guidelines, safety and personal preference for comfortable heat setting. Do not recommend use more than twice a day at high temps 65-70 C.

Use your included Mat cover, towel, sheet or other heat resistant barrier. If need to spot clean mat use a damp towel with small amount of non-toxic soap when mat is powered off. Recommend to leave mat on high after use for short period of time(10-15min) to remove any moisture.

The mat provides similar benefits to an infrared sauna and cardio exercise. At 55-60 C your heart rate and blood circulation increase, boosting mitochondria energy and metabolism on a cellular level. An hour of cardio may burn up to 500 calories. At 70 C, with your body covered with blanket to trap infrared heat you will create sauna benefits with sweat, detoxification and increased calories burned. Always drink plenty water! Be sure to protect mat from sweat with towel and mat cover to avoid damage.

If you have a serious health concern always consult with physician prior to use. At low temperatures, the mat is generally safe for the whole family. Children, pets, elderly all benefit from the healing modalities of the mat when using safe temperature guidelines. See Safety and Precautions.

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