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Ways to Experience Zenergy


Relax on your mat for 30-60 min. at 55-60 °C. Spend partial time on your back and stomach. Perform gentle back or yoga stretches, energy work, massage, read a book, or just enjoy a funny movie.


Create a daily Zen Routine of 30 min on your mat to relax your mind, rejuvenate your body and revive your spirit. You may enjoy creating a ritual with meditation, prayer, aromatherapy or gentle yoga poses.

Sauna Experience

Detox by creating a healthy sauna experience using your Zenergy Healing Mat Pro and Zenergy Sauna Bag at 55-70 °C as tolerated for 30-60 minutes.


Five therapies in one exclusive product

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The Zenergy Healing Co Mission

Our Mission is to deliver Professional Integrative TherapyProducts into the customer’s home and the healthcare practitioner’s office to optimize health, healing and happiness.