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Bian Hot Stone

Bian stone generates 2-2000 kHz ultrasound pulsation which can penetrate deep into the tissues affecting vital processes leading to profound relaxation and wellbeing. The natural Chakra Gemstones in the mat act as superconductors to convert the heat energy into healing FIR while balancing the energy centers of the Chakras. The Far Infrared rays in the Zenergy Healing Mat are magnified and refracted by special layers of charcoal, aluminum film discharge layer, negative ion layer, and the thick layer of natural Chakra Gemstones (including amethyst and black tourmaline) and Bian stone that allow them to go deeper with better efficiency and absorbable bio-resonant wavelength of 4 to 16 microns.
  •  Main feature is its ability to generate 2-2000 kHz ultrasound pulsation
  • Penetrates deep into the tissues of the body
  • Boosts vital processes leading to profound relaxation and wellbeing.
  • In China, Bian is used to strengthen the body’s ability to regenerate
  • Bian stones are often used in massage therapy and acupuncture.